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Asia will gain about 900 million to 5.3 billion, while Europe registers a decline from 740 million to 728 million.

Oceania (which includes Australia and New Zealand) would rise from 40 million to 66 million.

This issue has not previously received judicial consideration in New Zealand, and only very minor attention in Australia where a trade mark application was unsuccessfully objected to on the basis that it breached the Food Standards Code.

The case concerned the trade mark MANUKA DOCTOR applied to honey products.

Had the High Court not been overturned on appeal, this could have had serious implications for trade marks used in the food industry.

It is easy to think of trade marks that could have potentially been banned under this approach such as SO GOOD milk, HEALTHY CHOICE, VITAWHEAT, DR PEPPER and many others.

Eliminated: Catherine Episode 3 Single Date: Storm - Went kayaking and spent the evening on a yacht.

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With growing political uncertainty, as well as new risks and disruption ushered in by evolving technologies, companies have to navigate an increasingly complex international operating environment.

Local commendations for inventions, which are awarded to inventors who create superior technologies and designs, have a history dating back to 1921.

Daniel Surkalim, a third year Bachelor of Health Sciences degree student, has won the Sysmex Award for Health Informatics for his business case essay proposing the use of a graphical relational integrated database (GRID) system that would allow for easy information retrieval and comprehension of patient and clinical data, facilitating a more efficient patient information […] Kyle Frank, Daniel Surkalim and Frances Toohey have been named as finalists in the annual Sysmex Award for Health Informatics.

With over 220 speakers from 14 countries, delegates were presented with a unique opportunity where registration for […] The message from the healthcare sector has been loud and clear – we need collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of healthcare and we need it now.

This message was further reinforced when New Zealand Health Minister Jonathan Coleman spoke of New Zealand’s future digital health strategy at the recent Hi NZ conference; and by […] Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) received several awards at the 2016 Kinki1 Local Commendations for Inventions, sponsored by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation.


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