Are proudlock and sophia dating Woiman forsex chat

‘I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy – 17.11-15 our little angel. Sophia did not reveal the baby’s name, but did share a snap of her holding her son’s tiny hand.She kept news of her pregnancy low-key on social media also, with only occasional references to the fact that she was expecting.In a world where a boy can look downhearted and rah-diculous in a 70s shirt, Francis of course manages to seal a drink with beautiful fellow speed dater Ashleigh.

Locke, to his credit, had the foresight to realise this when writing his book and has eschewed the tedious "life-was-a-misery-until-I-got-averagely-famous" formula championed by the likes of Kerry Katona.Ollie Locke, the Made in Chelsea star, really shouldn’t be this hard to track down.He doesn’t appear to do an awful lot so he can’t be busy.Spencer assures her he is trustworthy, but we already know something is rotten in the state of Sloane as self-confessed ‘player’ Lucy dumps Andrew for ‘more of a bad boy alpha male’, which can only mean Spencer.Next week’s clips look predictable and watchable as ever.Richard’s new nickname ‘Dickie’ made them sound all the more like a boozed up version of the Famous Five partying on their trust funds.


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