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The archaeologically sensitive site includes a variety of stone features, principally stone fences and retaining walls, with evidence from excavation of human habitation.Radiocarbon dating from one of its test pits yielded a date range of CE 550-1000, identifying the site as one of the oldest known on the island.The Samoan term for someone who was selected to be a recipient of knowledge was often referred to as o e nainai, he or they who are specially selected for the transfer of knowledge.The knowledge of tulafale is sacred as is the transfer of this knowledge to the nainai. driver's license or passport) is required before record will be sent. For birth and death records dating from 1900, marriages and divorces contact Vital Records for American Samoa.If you and your match are feeling adventurous, you can go fishing or swimming in Currumbin Lake, or if you’re up for a free dating idea, try a walk south along the beach to Currumbin rock.Toward the beginning of that walk look to your right, where you’ll see a picnic area.According to oral tradition, the Maloata area was reserved for use by relatively high-status chieftains.In the traditional setting, the custodians of knowledge were normally of tulafale or orator status.

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Miles of blue ocean give way to a thriving, multicultural city, with an ethnically and culturally diverse population that includes young families, professional singles and people who yearn to enjoy all this amazing place has to offer.This population is 89 percent Samoan, 3.7 percent Tongan, and about 2 percent white (mostly Americans).The remaining 5 percent are small subgroups from other Pacific islands, Asians, and groups of mixed heritage.In American Samoa, an unincorporated territory only 76.1 square miles (197 square kilometers) in area, the largest island is Tutuila, the administrative center.Just offshore is Aunu'u, and sixty miles to the east is the Manu'a Group: Ofu, Olosega, and Ta'ū. American Samoa is part of the greater Samoan archipelago in the South Pacific half-way between Hawaii and New Zealand.


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