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With peak holiday season just around the corner, the strong pound means your spending money will go a little further if you're venturing overseas for your 2014 summer break.

For a start the majority of banks and building societies charge a non-sterling transaction fee of between 2.75 per cent and 2.99 per cent, so that's almost £3 for every £100 spent. If you withdraw cash you'll pay an additional withdrawal fee of around 2 per cent, usually with a minimum charge of about £1.50 to £2.

If you are struggling to make a dent in a large credit card balance, and you have a strong FICO score, I want you to look into what could possibly be the ticket to finally being able to pay down your balance.

As reported by Next Advisor, the Citi Simplicity Card offers 21 months of no interest payments on balance transfers or new purchases.

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