Gael garcia bernal dating natalie portman emily vancamp dating revenge cast

The two were even snapped kissing up a storm in a parked car.

The fling ended up being just that, with the two splitting in March.

In the past, Natalie has been linked to Jude Law, Jake Gyllenhaal, Nathan Bogle, Lukas Haas, Hayden Christensen, and long term boyfriend Gael Garcia Bernal.

Of course, she does downgrade on occasion — past paramours NOT pictured include Moby (ick) and Devendra Banhart (double ick).

Lola Kirke is barefoot and Gael has footwear with lifts on. Click Here No way in heck is this guy anywhere near 5'6!

She is bending over in the first photo, and the second she is standing up straight. Still a phenomenal actor, I just wish American society would stop bashing men with small stature!

After a couple starts and stops, Miller and Law appear to have patched things up, with the two snapped out and about in California with his children and his kids much older nanny.

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In fact, Miller even made a trip to Christensens hometown of Toronto to visit the actor and, reportedly, his family.

said on 10/Jun/15 Okay this page seems not pretty popular but i still have to say no way is this guy 5'6 at Night rob, Look at the pic with jon Stewart Click Here Maybe he is 5'6 at wake up but a 5'5.5 would be a better listing or what do you think rob?

said on 18/Nov/13 I love this guy, but unlikely at 170, and 168 is pretty unlikely as well.

“This is such a funny place,” says the actor, 34, who’s twice portrayed Che Guevara onscreen and is in town today to promote a pair of low-budget movies about Latin American politics.

“If we were in Mexico talking about this,” he shouts over the house music, discussing the strife in his native country, “it would be different. “Too many zombies,” he says, referring to the fans and paparazzi who’ve been following him around since he arrived.


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