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I need to order and at the same time keep factor levels separated.Finally I would like to take a step further to involve character, the example doesn't help, but what if there were tied "y" values and I would have to order again within factor (e.g, TIM and TOM got 8.4 and I have to assign alphabetical order) I was thinking about by function but it creates a list and doesn't help really.Plusieurs salons disponibles selon votre langue parlée.Plans sexe en cam to cam avec des coquins et des libertines.After-Sales For After-Sale issues such as defective/missing/wrong products, product operation issues, tracking a parcel or checking order status, please feel free to submit the request Pre-Sales Live chat customer services team-Available for Pre-Sale questions.Nous vous proposons un espace de chat entièrement gratuit, alors pourquoi payer quand c'est gratuit ?

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Rien de plus simple pour utiliser Chatintime vous choisissez un pseudo et vous accédez directement au chat sans inscription.I think there must be some function like it to apply on data frames and get data frames as return Thank you TO MAKE CLEAR THE POINT with(score, score[order(sex, y, x),]) ## x y sex ## 3 SUSAN 6.636370 F ## 5 EMMA 6.873445 F ## 9 VIOLET 8.539329 F ## 6 LEONARD 6.082038 M ## 2 TOM 7.812380 M ## 8 MATT 8.248374 M ## 4 LARRY 8.424665 M ## 7 TIM 8.754023 M ## 1 MARK 8.956372 M # Base R, by(score, score$sex, function(x) x[order(x$y),])) with(score, score[order(sex, y, x),]) score[order(score$sex,score$x),] # Using plyr arrange(score, sex,y) ddply(score, c('sex', 'y')) # Using `data.table` library("data.table") score_dt I've just learnt from a mistake a great use of arrange.If you call arrange(score,sex,y) it works like you said but if you call arrange(score,y,sex) it gives you a dataframe with the minimum value of every factor. L'espace de discussion est accessible à toutes les personnes majeures dans leur pays ( 18 ans en France) pour qu'ils viennent discuter de sex.L'innovation de Chatintime repose sur le fait qu'il suffit de choisir un pseudo pour accéder au tchat et discuter avec les autres concectés, pas besoin de carte bancaire ou de remplir un formulaire compliqué.You can choose from tons of solo Hot Sex Models, couples, lesbians and other sluts cams.


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