Play the field dating

“When you go to college, you don’t just take one class at a time, do you? Several people we interviewed admitted to having multiple dating relationships. Another gentleman who said he dated several women at once remarked, “One had the brains, one had the looks and the other was great in bed.A brave handful volunteered their names for the paper. If I could have put them all into one body, they would have made the perfect woman.” A thirtysomething single mother said she is dating three men and will continue until one of them commits.

Most men said they don’t dare clue in any of the women they date.Last summer, 24-year-old Eleni Reed had a lot on her dating plate.“I think I was seeing four or five guys,” said Reed, who lives in Fullerton.They were advising women to use all sorts of sex toys, scented powders, exotic oils, and bubble baths.One of the women on the panel actually advised women to use a dildo on their man if they want to get him aroused.When was the last time you went on a date with someone? Because if it has been, then you need to learn the new rules to dating.


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