Validating credit card numbers expiry dates

The component can also determine the type of credit card by examining the credit card number.The component recognizes the following four card types: VISA, American Express, Master Card and Discover.Please do not use these sample cards within the production environment, as they cannot be used to validate the production gateway.A valid credit card number has several fields and each of them has a meaning.Before everybody goes on a rant, I agree that the only way to validate an email address is to send it an email.

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However, we do not provide you (obviously) with the correspondent verification code for these cards, as they are completely fake and made up randomly.

The length is in between 13 to 19 characters and contains only numbers and no space in between.

Credit Card / Debit Card Number Checker tool is designed to check the validity of Credit Card / Debit Card Number and check the (BIN) base on updated database.

For the technically inclined, this number complies to the ISO 7812 numbering standard.

An contains a six-digit issuer identification number (IIN), an individual account identification number, and a single digit checksum.


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